100 Days Gratitude Quest

9/2/18: Day 99 of Gratitude.  Thankful for good weather this morning to clean our white vinyl fence of 44 panels for the first time and completed it in 3 hours: A Labor Day Project indeed as a family.  Secondly, grateful for a nice pool to to cool off after the 3-hour cleaning “labor”.  Thirdly, thankful for a career that overlaps in so many ways what I do for passion and for fun.


9/1/18: Day 98 of Gratitude.  Thankful for the blessing of seeing my two adorable grandkids, my double happiness for today.  Their smiles and hugs are the most wonderful gifts from Above.


8/31/18: Day 97 of Gratitude.  Grateful for safety (evacuation at the local Walmart) and experienced an unexpected return and learned that: “Never ask, never get”.


8/30/18: Day 96 of Gratitude.  Thankful for 3 good things today.


8/29/18: Day 95 of Gratitude.  It has been a gratifying quest in search of a grateful heart.  Anyone embarks on this journey cannot prevent being swept by its powerful current and flow.  This could be an unstoppable thing.  More to come…


8/19/18 Update: Grateful that we are home safely from a week-long vacation and adventure in the US Virgin Islands. With gratitude, everything in life is indeed sweeter, including travels. Adding up the trip gratitude list throughout the week during the trip, I’m was at 32 and counting… The more we count our blessings, they seem to show up everywhere.


Since our Thanksgiving Cruise in 2017, I have embarked on a new journey of gratitude.  I discovered that the cruise was better than expected because I chose a grateful attitude.  “The more you are in a state of gratitude, the more you will attract things to be grateful for” – Anonymous



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