I love life, family, computing, and new experiences through travels.  Through a series of serendipitous events, I’ve been fortunate and am grateful for career opportunities that complement my life interests and personal growth . “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” says Confucius.  And Mark Twain agrees: “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  Oftentimes, I get to enjoy work and fun at the same time.

– Dan

Dan’s Bio

An award-winning academic game developer and distributed learning executive, Dr. Dan Lim earned his Ph.D. in Educational Administration and M.A in English from Andrews University, where he also completed a year of software engineering courses.  He has authored articles in a variety of technology and e-learning topics and presented at numerous professional conferences focusing on learning technology nationally and internationally.  He firmly believes that learning should drive technology and technology leadership is most effective when perceived in a gentle and quiet manner.

1997-UMCDr. Dan Lim began his e-learning career at the University of Minnesota, Crookson (UMC), and was nationally known in ubiquitous laptop computing and interactive gaming.  As the Director of Instructional Technology at the first laptop campus in the nation, he documented the four paradigm shifts in the positive technology cultural change at UMC in a book chapter published in 2000.  While implementing the WebCT Learning System in 1999,  Dr. Lim created a technology integration model that transitioned the majority of the faculty to e-learning within two years.   With a joint faculty appointment, he had taught information technology, instructional design, e-learning technology, and multimedia courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Launched at a presentation at Educause in 2002, his initiative in learning game engines helped UMC and many other colleges and universities integrate fun into teaching and learning.  He was the keynote speaker at a learning technology conference in Singapore in 2000 as well as at the Dell University Forum at the University of Chicago in 2003.

2004-SAUAfter 7 years at UMC, Dr. Lim was recruited in 2004 to join Southern Adventist University (SAU) in Collegedale, Tennessee.  As the Dean of Academic Technology, he founded the Online Campus at Southern Adventist University and led the university to be recognized as a Campus Technology Innovator (interactive gaming category) in 2006.  He initiated and managed the integration of WebCT with other systems and continued the technology cultural change on campus, bringing the majority of faculty on board in technology integration within three years.  He directed the development of Multiple Games Generator displaying gaming contents in six different gaming objects and an adaptive SecondLife viewer for safe viewing in the SL virtual world. Besides integrating game-based learning into all online courses, he initiated and managed the integration of WebCT with other systems and continued the viral technology cultural change on campus, bringing the majority of faculty on board in technology integration within three years.  He was the keynote speaker at the WyDEC Distance Conference in 2007.

2007-ADUIn 2007, Dr. Lim joined the Adventist University of Health Sciences in Orlando, Florida.  As Vice President for Educational Technology and Distance Learning, he was responsible for implementing technology to enhance teaching and learning and managing the operations of distance learning. The distance programs grew 50% in enrollments within three years to 1500 students.  Under his leadership, the university transitioned smoothly from WebCT to the ANGEL Learning Systems in 2009 and from ANGEL to Canvas in 2013 while blended learning and laptop program became campus-wide initiatives.  The 3-year technology adoption model among faculty was achieved ahead of schedule.  The outcome of engaging 100% of non-techie faculty in educational technology was presented at a national conference in San Jose in 2010 (covered by an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education in July 2010 (“Reaching the Last Technology Holdouts at the Front of the Classroom” along with the story on Harvard University).  He led in the creation of a comprehensive telepresence education model that facilitated the establishment of a satellite campus in Denver, Colorado (eCampusNews: “Can this technology help solve the distance learning isolation issue?” April 2015).


A model in nurturing faculty…

“Dan Lim has been a model in nurturing faculty competence in on-line technology.  The campus Taoist, he leads off-stage, almost invisible in the back row, while enthusiastic faculty showcase to their peers the benefits technology has brought to their students’ learning. Dan understands that the advance guard who easily master the latest options on their own, are not the most effective in inspiring their hesitant colleagues to embrace the latest technology. Instead, it is the initially hesitant and even technologically inept practitioner, assisted and coached off-stage, who brings an authentic and infectious enthusiasm.”

Dr. Ernie Bursey, Professor of Religion, Adventist University of Health Sciences
(February 12, 2018)

Modeled for me servant leadership…

“Dan Lim is the complete package. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and his field requires that one be not only up on things but “on the cutting edge” of what is new. Dan knows how to keep abreast of what is going on. Dan is resourceful. He can find a way to accomplish just about anything. Dan, most of all, has modeled for me servant leadership. Dan doesn’t put himself up front, although he isn’t reluctant to take the lead when it is necessary. He will always make a path for others to find their leadership abilities—the mark of a true leader.”

Dr. Gail Rice, Professor, School of Allied Health Professions
Director, Faculty Development
Director, Teaching Assistant Program
Loma Linda University
(February 8, 2018)

Highly regarded in higher education and private sector…and [has] a unique way to motivate people to reach higher…

“It is with great pleasure that I learned that Dan was planning to launch a leadership blog. Dan is highly regarded in the higher education and private sectors as one who can productively lead change initiatives using his leadership skills and talents.. He brings a wonderful combination of compassion, thoughtfulness, technology expertise, and a unique way to motivate people to reach higher, become better, and improve their ability to become change agents and better leaders.  As for me, I have learned from Dan, and I will certainly pay close attention to what my friend has to say about Serendipitous Leaders.”

Kim T. Coon, President/CEO/Founder, Emerge Education (an OPM company)
(January 31, 2018)

It wouldn’t have happened without Dan’s visionary leadership…

“Dan Lim is a leader who gets things done.  While some stand around talking, and others are dozing, Dan sets bold yet realistic goals and meets them.  I had the opportunity to see Dan’s leadership in action when he invited me to participate in the launching of the School of Online Learning at Southern Adventist University.  Put very simply, it wouldn’t have happened without Dan’s visionary leadership!”

Dr. Derek Morris, Adjunct professor, SAU School of Online Learning
President, Hope Channel (an Adventist TV Channel)
(January 12, 2018)

Invites people to move beyond the boundaries of their own dreams…

“In his quiet Zen-like way, Dan has become an essential member of the University family. He is rarely noticed, and yet is sorely missed if he is not present. His contributions to campus extend beyond his knowledge of educational technology to that of someone who invites people to move beyond the boundaries of their own dreams.”

Dr. Don Williams, Interim Graduate Dean
(formerly Senior Vice President for Academic Administration)

Adventist University of Health Sciences
(January 6, 2018)

An Early Adapter In The Use of Technology…

“My association with Dr. Lim began with his employment at the University of Minnesota, Crookston (UMC) as Assistant Professor and Director of Instructional Technology in 1997.  He created UMC’s Instructional Technology Center.

He constantly is seeking ways to improve his pedagogy as demonstrated by active participation and attendance at conferences and events in the field of instructional technology.  He was an early adapter in the use of technology in his teaching and research and his work with the faculty led to several online courses and degrees at UMC. He developed several new courses and worked with faculty in the development of criteria and standards for online courses and programs.  His quiet and supportive manner is important in faculty motivation and in turn student success.

His research and scholarship work was well above the norm for UMC faculty members.  He was a frequent presenter at conferences and workshops; authored  articles and publications in his discipline; and received grants.

Dr. Lim possesses numerous positive traits and skills including the ability to provide organization and leadership to projects through his strong communication, writing, and interpersonal skills. UMC was a leader within the University of Minnesota and nation in the creation of on-line degrees and the first from the Higher Learning Commission to receive blanket approval for on-line degrees.  He led the implementation of issues of major importance to the campus with new program development, learning assessment, and faculty development.

Dr. Lim is open and honest in professional relationships. He is approachable, genuine, thoughtful, reliable, and creative.  He has a passion for his work and for students.  He demonstrates initiative and is an articulate spokesperson.  These are critical skills in providing leadership in higher education.”

Dr. Don Sargeant, Chancellor Emeritus
University of Minnesota, Crookston
(December 21, 2017)

Instrumental in expanding laptop to include LMS and games at the first Laptop Campus in the nation…

“As a math professor and chair of the technology committee during the time that Dan LIm worked at UMC (University of Minnesota Crookston), I worked closely with him in his role as Director of the Instructional Technology Center.  UMC began its laptop computer program of providing laptops to all faculty and students in 1993 so when Dan arrived in 1997, the program was still developing.  Based on that experience, I am making the following comments and observations.

First, Dan and I shared a common interest in developing educational games as a teaching tool and believed that these types of student interactions could provide an interesting and beneficial educational experience for students.  Although Dan and I developed educational materials on different platforms (Dan in Toolbook along with Flash and myself in Authorware), we shared a common belief that these types of materials increased both student involvement and learning contributing to their educational experience.

Second, Dan continually encouraged all faculty regardless of their technology expertise to utilized the Instructional Technology Center.  Dan was extremely effective in relating well to faculty members with a wide diversity of disciplines, backgrounds, and technology experience.  Everyone was welcomed to the Center.  As a result, a large proportion of UMC faculty began using various applications developed with Dan’s assistance.

Third, although UMC was four years into its laptop program when Dan arrived, most of the laptop applications at that point were routine uses of standard software such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software.  Dan was instrumental in expanding laptop applications to include course management software and various instructional games and modules.  

Fourth, Dan did an excellent job presenting his technology innovations to varied audiences through workshops and various conferences.

In general, Dan was a very well liked and effective member of the UMC campus community and we were all very sad when he decided to leave UMC to pursue other opportunities.”

William Peterson, Retired Professor of Mathematics, University of Minnesota Crookston
(December 18, 2017)


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