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9/27/18: Speaking Tips New


9/25/25: Being positive makes us look intelligent

Previous Positivity Quest

9/7/18: Opportunities Are Never Lost:  There is a small window of opportunity of 2-3 years for someone or a group to own the space in 360 Virtual Reality in Healthcare.  A couple years ago, I was challenged by the university president: “Someone is going to be the first to do this.  Why not us?”….read more in the Opportunity Blog

100 Days Gratitude Quest

9/3/18: Day 100 of Gratitude.  Thankful for discovering the gratitude path in my life.  Three clear lessons I’ve learned on this 100 Days Gratitude Quest: 1) Though it’s more difficult on not so good days, I found that I needed gratitude more. 2) My perspectives toward little things in life have changed: they are no longer small things.  3) There is always something to be grateful for and it has become easier to find more along the way.  Although this is the final post for the quest, it’s the beginning of a life-long serendipitous journey of gratitude.  Hope you will join me as fellow travelers and appreciate/discover the wonderful blessings along the way.

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